Tuesday, August 31, 2010

my first post.

salam. hi semua. as said. my very first post here. so xtau nk ckp ape. hehe. just for those who know my blog yg b4 ni. its been deleted okayy. so this is the new one. try to make a new blog. yg dlu tuh pon mcm tinggal knangan sgt je kn. HAHAHA! 
so. saje nk konon-konon ice breaking la kn. my name is zafran. some of my frens call me zaff. so its up 2 u nk pggl ape-ape. jgn mende yg  xelok sudah lahh. currently in shah alam. Trying-Studying-be-a-person-known-as-doctor. Still in pre-clinical studies. 2nd year UiTM. taun depan la bru btol2 azab jd doctor ni dtg as i'll be studying in hospital with the white coat everyday. yg mesti time tuh rase2 mcm da jd doctor but still kne blaja mcm2 as its being the method of studying in clinical years. 

that's all bout my study. nnt ak cte lg mcm mane perit amek medic ni. aiseyy. sape suh amek medic jugak awal2 1st year dlu kn. hehe. hm. bout my family lak. my house was/still in tg malim perak. xpena berubah pon since i was born. just i'm born in KL. then trus campak blik perak. haha. family is everything. even kdng2 mcm TERignored. but it is all sbb blaja n i want to get sumthing while i'm still called as teenager. xDD yela. xkn la duk kat UiTM tuh just ade pgalaman blaja je kn. so i started to join program sane sini. so quite bz sket. but xde la smpai lupe trus my family. tol x? hehe. my father is fine. also my mother. kakak 1st still kat japan. ntah ble nk blik pon xtau la. angah lak maybe da bahgie skg sbb have husband now. n i got this cute lil sister yg still drjh2 yg gigi tengah dah patah mggu lepas. haha. makin comel lak dia xde gigi tgh2 tuh. ish3. hee.
byk sgt da kan? i think thats all kot. nnt ade ape2 will be updated again la. daaa. see ya later.. xD